Monday, October 14, 2019



A compassionate, authentic, and intelligent companion to fill your already fulfilling life with a little more light.


You can call me Phoenix. I was born and raised in Houston, Tx. I worked as a fashion model for 7 years but I got tired of the pressure to stay thin. After a lot of research I decided to enter the sex industry. I worked at a legal brothel in Nevada for 6 months before going independent. I absolutely love being a professional companion. I feel like I get to be my most authentic self with my clients. I love meeting new people and exploring new facets of the human experience with them. I’m a natural conversationalist. I love to learn about the world through others.


I’m very passionate about my beliefs and my main goal in life is to use my privilege to help those who have been marginalized by society…I’m not right for everyone, but I’m perfect for a few.


I offer a 20% discount off of all of my services to clients who are POC, LGBTQ+, or disabled!


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Age- 27

Height- 5’11”

Measurements- 35″-26″-37″

Shoe size- 11

Tattoos- none (but I LOVE them)

Piercings- ears

Hair – very short, high fade

MBTI personality type: ENFP

Astrology: Leo Sun – Capricorn Moon – Virgo Rising

Favorite Foods: tropical fruits, berries, kale salad, pasta, coconut curry, beef jerky, scallops, sushi, saag paneer

Favorite Drinks: saison beers (high abv), wines of all colors, classic cocktails, coffee with non-dairy milk

Favorite Colors: purple, black, blue, pink, red

General Likes: mutual respect, good hygiene, generosity, kissing, cuddling, deep conversations, radical honesty, nude sunbathing, giving and receiving massages, “gorgeous”, “goddess”, “sweetheart”, “beautiful”

General Dislikes: racism, classism, misogyny, whorephobia, fatphobia, entitlement, micro-managing, “babe”

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